Dr. Partington and Scott Partington at the USAAA in August 2015

They were able to meet Temple Grandin too!

Dr. Partington is featured in the Brunei Times!~ April 2015

Dr. Partingon at the World Autism Conference in Kuwait~November 2014

Dr. Partington speaking in Seattle, WA~ June 2014

Midsouth Autism Conference~ Memphis, TN~ June 2014

Dr. and Mrs. Partington

Dr. Partington speaking in Jakarta~ April 2014

USAAA in Salt Lake City, UT~ August 2013

Dr. and Mrs. Partington

Workshops and Conferences in China~November 2012

Dr. Partington with Dino of Autism Recovery Network

Dr. Partington speaking at the Guangzhou Conference

Dr. and Mrs. Partington amongst the eager learners at the conference.

ABLLS-R Translations~ September 2012

Dr. Partington and Matteo. Matteo's wife translated the ABLLS-R into Italian and now he is helping us with our products in Europe.

Kenneth translated the ABLLS-R into Norwegian! Thanks to you both!

ICARE4Autism Conference~ August 2012

Dr. Partington and Dr. Weinstein

Dr. Partington speaking in Jerusalem

ABAI Conference Seattle-Dr. Partington and Dr. Mueller~May 2012

USAAA~ October 2011

Dr. and Mrs. Partington at the USAAA.