Workshops and Seminars

Workshops and seminars offered by Partington Behavior Analysts are for parents, educators and professionalsPartington Behavior Analysts provides a variety of comprehensive training opportunities for educators, parents and other practitioners working with children with autism. Workshop participants will gain knowledge on many different topics including how to teach skills in the natural environment, how to shape behavior and the skills needed for an inclusive placement.

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Available Workshops

Teaching Language to Children with Autism or Other Developmental Disabilities
This workshop is designed to provide an overview of B.F. Skinner’s analysis of language to parents, educators, and other practitioners. A review of the primary verbal operants will be provided along with a video-taped review of teaching methods typically used to teach those skills.

The Assessment of Basic Language and Learning Skills (The ABLLS®-R) and WebABLLS® Introductory Workshop                                                                    The ABLLS-R/WebABLLS introductory workshop will provide participants with the tools to analyze and track learner skills and develop a comprehensive language-based curriculum for children.

Introduction to the Assessment of Functional Living Skills (The AFLSTM): Administration, Analysis, and Program Development for Individuals of All Ages with a Diagnosis of Autism or Other Developmental Disabilities                                                                                                             The AFLS introductory workshop will provide participants with the knowledge, skills, and tools to analyze and track a learner’s functional living skills and develop an individualized intervention program to help a learner become less dependent upon assistance from others. 

Teaching Language Skills during Daily Activities to Children with Autism or Other Developmental Disabilities (Natural Environment Teaching)
This workshop is designed to help parents and practitioners who work with families identify how the training of a variety of language skills, based upon Skinner’s analysis of verbal behavior, can be incorporated into daily activities.

Developing Advanced Verbal Behavior In Children With Autism Necessary For Describing Experiences And Developing Friendships
This workshop is designed to help parents, educators and other professionals learn how to teach a child to have conversations about their experiences with peers and adults.

An Advanced Review of The ABLLS®-R: An analysis of the content and Implications for Program Planning
The intent of this workshop is to thoroughly review the content of the ABLLS®-R and to review programming considerations based on a child's scores on this criterion-referenced assessment.

After the Diagnosis: What Every Parent Needs To Know About How To Help Their Child With Autism
After the diagnosis, parents need to develop a plan of action to help their child achieve the best possible outcomes. This workshop is designed for primarily for parents and professionals who work with children with autism to develop a comprehensive and effective plan of action for the child and the family.

3-Day Intensive: Teaching Children With Language Delays
This course is designed for parents, professionals and paraprofessionals to learn how to implement behavioral teaching strategies.

Understanding and Changing Challenging Behaviors and Teaching Language Skills During Daily Activities to Children with Autism
This workshop is designed to teach parents and educators how to effectively manage problem behaviors that are often exhibited by children with autism or other developmental delays.

Critical Elements Of Effective Language-Based Educational Interventions For Children With Autism
This workshop is designed for parents and professionals who wish to learn the major components necessary for the development and implementation of effective intensive, language-based behavioral treatment interventions for children with autism.

Developing Comprehensive Instructional Programs for Children with Autism Using the ABLLS®-R
This workshop is designed both for parents, educators and program administrators who have had previous experience using the ABLLS®-R or those who wish to further develop their skills in determining learning priorities and establishing a comprehensive set of educational objectives for students.

Developing Language-Based ABA/VB Classrooms
This workshop will review critical components for establishing and providing effective language-based behavioral interventions within classrooms.

Analyzing Motivational Variables and Trouble-Shooting Verbal Behavior Programs for Children with Autism
This workshop is designed to provide individuals who are familiar with The ABLLS-R with skills to analyze motivational problems and problems with the development of certain skill areas (e.g., spontaneous use of language and social interaction skills), and to provide individuals who are responsible for the development of programs with strategies for addressing those problems.

Continuing Education Credits:
Continuing Education Units and/or Continuing Professional Development Credits for Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBA), Board Certified Associate Behavior Analysts (BCABA), Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists (MFT) in California, Licensed Clinical Social Workers (LCSW) in California, California Speech-Language Pathologists, and California Audiologist are available for many courses taught by Dr. James Partington, BCBA-D

  • Behavior Analysts Certification Board, Inc. Provider (OP-02-007)
  • California Board of Behavior Sciences Provider (PCE 1303)
  • California Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology Board Provider (PDP 61)

Note: Participants arriving late or leaving early will not be eligible for a CEU certificate.