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Before beginning to teach an individual that is on the autism success spectrum or has a different learning disability, it is important to first identify their needs when it comes to learning. With so many different skills, parents and instructors may have difficulty identifying potential skill deficits. At Partington Behavior Analysts, we offer developmental tools, programs, and assessments to teach basic and functional living skills to children and adults with developmental disabilities such as autism spectrum disorder. Our AFLS® and ABLLS-R® are comprehensive assessments that assist with the identification of skill sets, or repertoires, that are strong as well as those that could use improvement. Below, you can find downloadable skills tracking sheets for each assessment. This score-based skill tracking system can help parents and professionals alike quickly determine where or not the learner has developed certain skills.


This criterion-referenced assessment is designed to measure a child’s ability to 544 basic language and learning skills from four major areas of development that are typically acquired by developing children before they enter kindergarten. The ABLLS-R is most often used with younger children to help ensure that they develop the basic language and learning skills that will allow them to be able to learn from everyday interactions. The major grouping of skills are the Basic Language and Learner Skills, Academic Skills, Self-Help Skills, and Motor Skills. This assessment focuses on the set of skills that are easiest first before moving into those that are generally more difficult to learn, making it easier for parents and educators to easily identify what skills a child already has, as well as the ones they should focus on next.

The ABLLS-R is currently offered via an easy-to-use web format that can be used to enhance teaching strategies, generate custom reports for learners, as well as manage and share information with IEP members and other program development teams.

Downloadable ABLLS-R Tracking Sheets

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The assessment of Functional Living Skills is another criterion-referenced assessment that allows parents and educators to conduct an extensive review of an individuals self-help and functional living skills. This assessment provides a comprehensive review of skills from six different areas of development, including Basic Living Skills, Home Skills, Community Participation Skills, School Skills, Vocational Skills, and Independent Living Skills. These assessment protocols are appropriate for use with young children who have mastered the basic language and learning skills as well as the self-help skills measured in the ABLLS-R, but can also be used for older individuals who have difficulty mastering basic skills but still need to learn how to take care of themself.

Each module in this assessment is different yet they are all connected by unifying themes and overarching goals for maximizing a learner’s freedom, independence, and opportunity. The AFLS is one of the most versatile assessment systems available and offers learners a pathway to independence.

Downloadable AFLS Tracking Sheets

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