The AFLS Reviews:

The AFLS is a critical tool for clearly defining targets dealing with functional living skills!  This tool has been sorely needed for meeting the needs of many children, adolescents and adults.  A must have for meeting the needs of our low-incidence population!  A very needed tool!  ~Dustin from CO

So very beneficial!  Makes me realize all the skills I am not targeting.  This tool will be so beneficial to so many teachers and families!  ~Kate from CO

We’ve used the ABLLS-R for years and we have just started using the AFLS.  Initially it was upsetting to see the holes they have, but now it is exciting to have a tool to find the holes. ~Susan from TX

I was just introduced to your AFLS books. I have to tell you I am so thankful, they are wonderful. It made me see how many things I still do for my son with autism and didn't even realize. These would have been great for my typical daughter too as she is married now and still calls me to say, "How do you tell if meat is spoiled?" and many other questions that are in your books.  I've always loved the ABLLS-R and now the AFLS really helps me look at my son's total picture.  Thanks for all your hard work! ~Susan from FL