Teach Your Children Well Series

There are currently three books available in the Teach Your Children Well Series.

The Getting Started Book was reviewed in the Journal of Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics. Read the book review here.

Getting Started: Developing Critical Learning Skills for Children on the Autism Spectrum - A Step-By-Step Guide to Further the Development of Children with Minimal Language Skills

Getting started This book is a “must have” for every parent or educator of a child who has no—or very limited—language skills. It provides evidence-based ABA/VB methodology, written in non-technical and easy to understand terms. It provides critical information on where to start and how to teach initial skills to children with minimal language skills. It provides the rationale for teaching six critical learning skills and the procedures necessary to develop them. Professionals have identified these skills as an important basic foundation for a child’s overall development.

Step-by-step instructions allow a parent or teacher to implement training and track the child’s acquisition of these important skills. All of the strategies in this book are linked to the skills in the ABLLS-R®. In addition, it provides the reader with strategies to motivate the child to participate in those learning activities as well as identify appropriate goals.

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Capturing the Motivation of Children with Autism or Other Developmental Delays

Capturing the Motivation To help an individual with autism learn critical new skills and willingly participate in social interactions, a parent or educator needs to know how to capture the child's motivation. This "must have" book provides research-based, practical information in a non-technical manner so that caring individuals can help children learn critical skills that are necessary for their life's development.

Learn how to identify and capture motivational factors that will influence your child's willingness to participate in both structured teaching sessions and everyday activities. Discover the techniques to create motivational conditions that result in increased spontaneous language and social interactions. Additionally, read about the strategies you can use to help develop and increase the reinforcing value of social feedback such as praise and smiles!

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Success on the Spectrum: How to Teach Skills to Individuals with Autism

Success on the Spectrum: How to Teach Skills to Individuals with Autism was written to provide parents, educators, and professionals with a comprehensive overview of how to teach critical skills to individuals of all ages. This book was written in non-technical language and guides the reader through the teaching process which includes assessing a learner’s skills and prioritizing learning objectives, how to teach new skills in structured sessions and during routine daily activities, and how to address common problem behaviors. This book provides the knowledge and essential tools to promote effective teaching, thereby maximizing the learner’s potential.

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