Q: Is The ABLLS-R copyrighted?
A: Yes, The ABLLS-R is copyrighted. No parts of The ABLLS-R can be reproduced in any language without the expressed written consent from Behavior Analysts, Inc.

Q: Can I buy just the ABLLS-R Protocol?
A: You can buy the ABLLS-R Protocol after you have purchased the ABLLS-R set. The set includes both the Protocol and the Guide. Once you have purchased the ABLLS-R set, you will receive a registration number. This registration number can be entered on our website to buy the protocol by itself.

Q: Is the ABLLS-R translated into other languages?
A: Yes, we currently sell the ABLLS-R in Spanish on our website. The Italian ABLLS-R is available through http://italianablls.blogspot.com/p/italian-ablls-r.html. We are working on translating the ABLLS-R into French, Chinese, Dutch and Hebrew.

Q: Can the ABLLS-R be used as a curriculum guide?
A: Yes, the ABLLS-R is meant to be a curriculum guide. IEP goals can come directly from the ABLLS-R.


Q: I need 1:1 in-home services for my child. Does Partington Behavior Analysts provide in-home services?
A: Yes, we provide in-home services for families living in California. Please contact us for more information.

Q: Do you have services through Regional Center or TriCare?
A: Yes, we do provide services in cooperation with the Regional Center of the East Bay (California) and TriCare.

STARS Clinic

Q: I am interested in making an appointment at the STARS Clinic. What should I do?
A: Contact us via this website or call 925-210-9370 to get the information about our clinic and how we may best serve your family’s needs.

Q: I am not located in California. Can I still make an appointment at the STARS Clinic?
A: Yes, you can. We have clients visit the STARS Clinic from all over the world. Contact us to see how we can best help your family.

Q: Does your STARS Clinic provide services during summer breaks from school?
A: Yes, we provide clinic services throughout the year. We customize all of our services based upon the family’s needs.


Q: What is the cost of WebABLLS?
A: Fees are per student rather than per user. There are no restrictions on how many users can be associated with a student's profile and the associated data. The cost to purchase is $100 per seat for the first year (each student requires a seat) with an annual renewal fee of $60 per seat thereafter. Quantity discounts are available.

Q: What information is required to register for WebABLLS?
A: Self-registration order form is available from the Purchase link at www.webablls.net. The form is for customers new to WebABLLS only and includes general registration information such organization name, billing address, phone, first and last name for administrator user, and a unique email address for each user account registered within WebABLLS. WebABLLS customers already registered in WebABLLS can add users and place order via the organization’s administrator user panel within the system.

Q: How long does it take for my account/order to be activated?
A: Orders are activated immediately upon confirmation of payment when using a credit card for purchase. Orders are placed in payment pending status when using "checkout without credit card" option – these orders are confirmed and activated upon receipt of purchase order, check, or other payment method.

Q: Is there a trial subscription?
A: We do not offer a self-registration trial option.

Q: Can additional user accounts be activated within my organization (customer account) and/or within the WebABLLS database?
A: Additional user accounts can be added at any time by any user designated with an administrator user role within the organization (customer account). For user accounts to be activated outside an organization (for the purpose of authorizing sharing permissions), an administrator user can submit a request directly to the WebABLLS Support Team. There is no additional fee for associate user accounts.

Q: Do I have to purchase the print version of ABLLS-R?
A: While many of our users indicate they prefer to use the print ABLLS-R in conjunction with WebABLLS, it is not a requirement. WebABLLS allows users to print to PDF any and/or all of the categories from The ABLLS-R Protocol for student profiles created in the system. Also, an electronic version of The ABLLS-R Scoring Instructions and IEP Development Guide is available within WebABLLS.

Q: Do you offer customer support?
A: Yes, the WebABLLS Support Team is committed to providing the highest level of customer support for all subscribers and potential subscribers.

IMPORTANT! Note regarding support: The WebABLLS Support Team is available to assist our customers with any WebABLLS customer-related need that may arise. However, in accordance with our security requirements and privacy policy, actual system user support is provided only to registered users of WebABLLS. All users should have separate user accounts registered to a unique email address.

Q: Is WebABLLS an actual product?
A: WebABLLS is completely electronic; there is not an actual physical product.

Q: What are the computer requirements?
A: WebABLLS is compatible with both Mac and PC platforms in addition to tablets and smartphones. Please check our system requirements page for complete details.