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Educational tools for teachers of children with autism.Are you looking for more information on The ABLLS-R?
Developed by Dr. Partington, the ABLLS-R is an assessment tool, curriculum guide, and skills-tracking system for children with autism or language delays based on the science of behavior analysis and B.F. Skinner’s analysis of Verbal Behavior.

The revised version (ABLLS-R)provides a comprehensive review of 544 skills from 25 skill areas. The ABLLS-R gives valuable information on the child’s current skills, and provides a credible basis for specific educational objectives in the highly personalized curriculum derived from the assessment results.

WebABLLS is the online assessment, curriculum guide, and skills tracking system that mirrors The ABLLS-R print program.

Looking for more information about our STARS Clinic or consultation services?
Families that come to the STARS Clinic are actively engaged in the treatment of their children as they will play a major role in identifying intervention needs and faciliate an appropriate program. Many behaviors can be decreased or eliminated as we develop a child's power of language.

We also provide Learner Profiles at our STARS Clinic. A Learner Profile allows Dr. Partington to make a thorough analysis of a child’s language and learning skills, identify teaching priorities, and give you direction and guidance in implementing our teaching procedures.

Whether you are down the street from our offices, across the country, or across the world, Partington Behavior Analysts also offers a wide variety of consultation services to those involved in individual intervention programs. If you are interested in a consultation with Dr. Partington, please call 925-210-9370 or contact us.

Do you want to attend or schedule one of our workshops?
Partington Behavior Analysts provides a variety of comprehensive training opportunities for educators, parents and other practitioners working with children with autism. Workshop participants will gain knowledge on many different topics including how to teach skills in the natural environment, how to shape behavior and the skills needed for an inclusive placement. See all our workshop topics here.

Would you like to become a STARS Partner in Education?
This is a professional collaboration service that incorporates the systems and procedures used within the STARS Clinic and our consultation services. With this distance model, the personnel of Partington Behavior Analysts, serve in a training, consultation, and mentoring capacity to other professionals who can then serve children in their respective locales. Find out more here.

ABA and VB:
If you're wondering how verbal behavior fits into applied behavior analysis, you can learn more here.

How we work:
The staff of Partington Behavior Analysts, the family, and other professionals are a team working toward the best interests of the child. Thus, we are committed to working cooperatively with the individuals who work with us, with our clients, and with those who live or work with our clients. Read more here.

For more information or to schedule an appointment, please contact us.