STARS Clinic

Ongoing services for children with autism are provided at our STARS Clinic in Walnut Creek, California. This program was designed to accommodate the requests of parent who are seeking access to a level of program analysis and implementation that is not otherwise available. Coupled with daily analysis and teaching sessions for the children, the parents become an integral part of the team through both formal training and hands-on coaching. Capturing the motivation of your child is a major focus in every clinic session.

Working on language skills at the STARS Clinic.We begin with an initial intake that allows us to gather pertinent information about your child and your family. In this intake, we determine if an initial visit is appropriate, and if so, the type, manner, and extent of services recommended for that visit. These are necessary steps that help us ensure a valuable level of clinical analysis for your child.

Upon arrival to the STARS Clinic, Dr. Partington and the Partington Behavior Analysts professional staff may conduct a Learner Profile and create an individualized program recommendation for your child and family. Through our Learner Profile Service, we offer a thorough analysis of the child's language and learning skills to identify teaching priorities and to provide initial direction regarding our teaching procedures to you.

Children receive intensive 1:1 therapy through our use of the Science of Applied Behavior Analysis with Verbal Behavior. We teach in the most natural environment settings possible and work on overall development from daily living skills through academics.

Families that come to the STARS Clinic are actively engaged in the treatment of their child as they will play a major role in establishing their needs and facilitating an appropriate program. Many behaviors can be decreased or eliminated as we develop your child's power of language and other critical learning skills.

From the early learner to the more advanced learner, this service is designed to be flexible. Along with the educational recommendations, our consultants will customize parent training to ensure a complete program for your child. We welcome families from across the globe.

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