STARS Partners in Education

This is a professional collaboration service that incorporates the systems and procedures used within the STARS Clinic and our consultation services.

Since we are unable to provide consultation to large numbers of families in various geographic areas, we felt it important to develop a way to serve the children and train professionals outside our local service area. With this distance model, the personnel of Partington Behavior Analysts, serve in a training, consultation, and mentoring capacity to other professionals who can then serve children in their respective locales. At the heart of this service is our goal to increase the quality of services for children with language delays by increasing the number of qualified behavior analysts working in the field.

We typically recommend a three-phase program, consisting of:

  • Training and observation at our facility (training location can be offered at the program site; observation is available only at our facility)
  • Start-up consultation and training at the partner location, and
  • Ongoing consultation on a monthly, quarterly, or semi-annual basis

Phase 1: Training and Observation
This phase involves the partner program staff coming to the STARS Clinic in California for workshop training and observation (training elements can be arranged at the partner program site). Partington Behavior Analysts recommends enrolling, at a minimum, a school/agency director and another senior staff member (teacher, therapist, or consultant) who is responsible for developing IEPs and teaching procedures.

This observation and training period provides a solid understanding of the key elements of a behavioral language-training classroom.

Phase 2: Start-up Consultation and Training
The second phase trains staff in the assessment of skills and development of student IEPs. It will also enable all school staff to understand the basic principles of behavior analysis, be able to implement behavioral language training procedures, and incorporate behavioral principles and language training into all elements of a child's program. Partington Behavior Analysts' staff will visit the client classroom or program site and provide training and coaching in the implementation and monitoring of programs.

Phase 3: Follow-up Consultation
Partington Behavior Analysts' staff will return to the client site on a regular basis (up to quarterly) to provide additional training, coaching, and feedback on the implementation and design of programs. Phone, e-mail, and/or video consultation may be available during interim periods. Additional workshops may be provided on functional analysis, behavior plan development and teaching procedures, depending on the assessed needs.