START Program

Start Teaching and Reinforcing Today

The START Program is a specialized service that is offered to children who have completed the intake process. This program was developed for children whose parents are interested in learning how to understand their child's learning needs and how to effectively participate in the teaching equation in an effort to enhance or compliment other services.  This service is designed to focus primarily on the initial analysis of the child’s learning and language skills in addition to providing the family with some of the basic elements for understanding and using verbal behavior training and developing learner participation.

This parent participation program ranges from the analysis of a child's learner repertoire to the development of key programming needs then leads into the parent understanding how to develop various learner skills in their children. The program is generally four hours per week for a period of eight weeks. It is a short-term commitment that results in long-term benefits – Maximizing the effects of playing, learning, and caring for your child.

The START Program is offered at our clinic in Walnut Creek and is scheduled as two-hour sessions, twice weekly for eight weeks.  Dr. James W. Partington will provide expertise and analysis through clinical consultation; with direct supervision and coordination provided by senior staff members from the consultation staff.  A highly trained consultant will facilitate each child’s individual training session in a 1:1 teaching format.  This program is designed to accommodate parent participation which is strongly encouraged and will be facilitated through session observations, structured teaching exercises, and homework strategies.

At the onset of the START Program, our staff works with the child to determine the best manner to approach and initiate the “pairing” process as we begin to interact with the child.  Throughout the program, skill areas are explored and analyzed through direct activity with the child and additional input is provided through observation and parent feedback.  Throughout the program our staff will share, discuss, and exchange impressions with respect to teaching priorities (“what to teach”) as well as strategies and techniques for the actual teaching process (“how to teach”).  The overall goal for the program will be to provide the family with the basic elements to extend their ability to teach and a basis for determining what and how to teach. 

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