WebABLLS Registration Information

Initial Registration

Upon completion of an initial order, WebABLLS.net, will automatically create an organization (customer account) and an administrator user account using the name and email address entered on the registration order form. The order portal will generate an email confirmation with an order receipt, and the system will send a separate email notification that will include a temporary password, login instructions, and an electronic version of the WebABLLS User Guide.

User Account Registration

Since the fees to subscribe to WebABLLS are based on a per-student cost versus a per-user cost, there are no additional fees related to adding user accounts.

Administrator user: Each WebABLLS organization (customer account) must have at least one (1) administrator user (note there can be additional administrator users).  Administrator users should be active users of WebABLLS. An organization administrator user account provides the highest level of access privileges available within WebABLLS. The user at this level is responsible for all the functions and features of account administration and maintenance such as adding user accounts, managing and monitoring account activity, in addition to ordering.

Standard user: A user account with a standard user role should be considered primarily for in-house personnel who will be using WebABLLS on a regular basis. The standard user role has access privileges to create or be assigned a student profile and/or can be authorized with any level of sharing permissions related any student profile.

Restricted user: A user account with a restricted user role should be considered for external personnel or other individuals who will not be authorized to create a student profile but can be authorized with various sharing permissions related to any student profile. [However, this user role cannot be assigned with Owner, Profile Coordinator, or full access with share permissions.] The only way this level account user can use WebABLLS is when sharing permissions have been authorized by the assigned owner or profile coordinator of a student profile.

 NOTE: Consider requesting an Independent User (see below) as an alternative to Restricted User for external personnel who are likely to use WebABLLS for students outside your organization.

Please note: "Access Privileges" refers to access as it relates only to the customer account. Share permissions are authorized separately and relate to a particular student.

Independent: For users who should not be included within an organization’s user list due to sharing permissions with student profiles from various organizations, an Independent user account can be created. Sharing permissions can be authorized to any user within the entire WebABLLS community regardless of the organization. Please contact the WebABLLS Support Team for assistance with creating an Independent organization and user account – there are no fees associated with the type of account as there is no subscription – access to student profiles is based on sharing permissions.


WebABLLS is a service provided by Behavior Data Systems, Inc. utilizing The ABLLS-R provided by Behavior Analysts, Inc.