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Do you Experience Hectic Holidays?

Holidays can be very busy for all families, but can be even more overwhelming with a child with autism. If you plan early, you can alleviate some stress during the holiday season. We have included some tips to help with your stress during the holidays, so you can enjoy the season with your loved ones.

  1. Schedule activities for your child even during the holiday season to keep them active.
  2. Look into park district classes or local businesses that usually have extra classes set up during the holiday breaks from school.
  3. Schedule respite services for your child in advance.
  4. Plan ahead to alleviate last minute shopping. If you do need to take your child shopping, allow for enough time to let your child adapt to the holiday stimuli out and about!
  5. Try to continue with as many routines as possible. Try using visual schedules or social stories to prepare kids for times without routines or for new experiences.
  6. Have a contingency plan if you need to end the night early. It may help to have a ‘secret code’ which means it is time to leave or can also be used if your child needs to be alone for a while to decompress.
  7. Remember to have fun and enjoy the little things that the holiday season has to offer.

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