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Learning to Motivate, Motivating to Learn - A New Book By James W. Partington, Ph.D., BCBA-D and Scott Partington, M.A., BCBA

All of us at Partington Behavior Analysts, are pleased to announce the next publication in The Teach Your Children Well Series. “Learning to Motivate, Motivating to Learn: How to Make Learning Fun for Your Child with Autism” was written to provide parents, educators, and professionals with a conceptual overview of motivation and strategies to motivate a child to participate in learning activities.

Behavior must be understood as having a purpose. That purpose might be to seek attention, in which case ignoring the behavior might be appropriate. But the behavior may point toward a different source of motivation, among which are seeking a specific item or activity, escaping from an undesired situation, etc. “Learning to Motivate, Motivating to Learn” helps readers navigate these sources of motivation so that appropriate reinforcement strategies can be established.  

For example, parents may want to develop their child’s skill set related to dinnertime routines that include setting the table, appropriately labeling the classes of food served, or perhaps cleaning up one’s eating area after the meal. The book addresses the relationship between motivation, reinforcement, and how parents can dynamically reinforce desired outcomes. This helps give educators, parents, and professionals the conceptual tools required to build links between motivation and reinforcement.

The book is written in non-technical language, offering readers detailed instructions regarding the process of capturing and maintaining the learner’s motivation in structured teaching sessions and during daily routines. It offers evidence-based techniques that equip readers with the ability to implement a variety of reinforcement strategies with ease.

Quite simply, readers will learn how to motivate children with autism so they are able to learn new and essential skills! The book is available from Partington Behavior Analysts for $29.95.

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