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Identifying Skill Deficits for Teaching People With Disabilities

It can often be a complex job to teach individuals with developmental disabilities. The trainer needs to be skilled and should have the necessary resources to do so. Partington Behavior Analysts offers to work with children with developmental disabilities. 

We offer information-rich resources that can help instructors in managing the learning environment driven to prevent behavior issues and promote learning.

Skills Deficits Assessment

  • For an infant who cannot read or does not recognize pictures as depictions of real objects and events.
  • For a non-reader who recognizes pictures, the schedule can comprise a picture to exhibit each scheduled event.
  • For the beginning reader, the schedule can pair pictures with words that express the events of the day.
  • The fluent reader can utilize a written schedule, with words selected at the infant's reading level.

ALFS Assessment For Teaching Individuals with Disabilities

The Assessment of Functional Living Skills (AFLS) at National/Ecomm offered by Partington Behavior Analysts is created to promote effective teachings and assessment via task analyses, prompting strategies, and teaching suggestions. AFLS includes six different assessment protocols that assess the functional, practical, and essential skills of a routine. 

Beyond an assessment, the AFLS aids tracking and progress monitoring solutions that permit assessed skills to be tracked for progress over numerous years.

A Schedule That Works for Everyone

At Partington Behavior Analysts, a classroom schedule lays out the events of the day and affects all children in the room. Instructors can also make individualized schedules for children who receive additional supports and services. 

But remember, schedules have worth only when they are utilized. Students should survey their schedules at the beginning of the school day.

Conclusion Paragraph

Identifying skills deficit is a crucial element, especially for instructors and trainers dealing with people that require special attention. We at Partington Behavior Analysts are known for our exceptional services. We'll help you gain knowledge from experts that will help you teach individuals with developmental disabilities. Call us today to get more information!

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