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All of our services stress the need to administer a comprehensive assessment to find the learner’s skills and skill deficits. The staff at the STARS school and clinic used the results obtained from the ABLLS-R to develop individualized educational priorities for each client. They also employed tactics from the field of behavior analysis to expedite the development of critical language and learning skills.

Local school districts and state-level Departments of Education began to approach us to help them establish model classrooms (STARS Model Classrooms). As a result, we helped school systems to become effective in delivering language-based educational services. Additionally, our staff have trained state-level autism specialists from public school systems in numerous states.

We have also established and monitored clinical intervention services in Egypt, Hong Kong, Singapore and Indonesia. We have recently begun to provide training to staff in Moscow and Kazakhstan. In the last 5 years, we have begun to provide consultation and training to programs that provide services to adults. One of our latest projects involves the integration of adults with autism into the workforce in Taiwan.

Dr. Partington has always valued the importance of using his expertise to help others live happier and more fulfilling lives. He has passed on his knowledge of ABA and VB as a professor at several major universities and through his publications (e.g., in major scientific journals and books), workshops, and training seminars. Today, Dr. Partington continues to provide training, seminars, workshops, and publications to audiences across the world. Our goal is to simplify the teaching process for parents, teachers, educators, and other professionals who teach or want to teach skills to individuals with ASD. At Partington Behavior Analysts, we aim to equip these individuals with the best, research-based tools and techniques available and present them in terms that anyone can readily understand and apply during an instructional session.

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