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The products offered at BAI are all grounded in scientific research and limits the use of highly technical language. We pride ourselves in developing products that are clear-cut and data driven—we want our customers, and their learners, to be able to benefit from our products. Further, Dr. Partington, the founder and CEO of BAI, developed the vast majority of the products offered on our website. In his over 45 years of experience, Dr. Partington consulted on over 1000 cases, received international recognition from parents, teachers, and respected figures in the field of behavior analysis, published several articles in major scientific journals, and developed many books, DVDs, and assessments that are widely used today by both parents and leading researchers in autism treatment. If you are looking from guidance from one of the leading figures in the area of autism treatment, you’ve come to the right place! Check out our products and begin to make a monumental difference in your child’s life today!

Detailed info for Educators:

Managing several students and still finding adequate time to manage and develop their IEP objectives can be a highly stressful and time-consuming set of tasks. Having worked first hand in and with several school districts that use or have used our products (e.g., Oakland Unified School District, San Jose Unified School District and other major municipalities), we know and understand the impact that such tasks and the limited amount of resources can have on educators and their quality of life.

BAI offers solutions to educators that will enable them to more efficiently complete many of their essential tasks without the stress and hassle. For example, one of our products can be used to thoroughly assess the skills of a learner, determine developmentally appropriate educational priorities (based on the learner’s existing skills), instantly develop an IEP, and allows multiple people (e.g., the child’s parents, other professionals, etc.) to track the child’s skill development over the course of time (i.e., the WebABLLS). This tool is so powerful and popular that major municipalities have contracted with BAI so their special education teachers can access and use WebABLLS! In addition to our online products, we also offer books that provide research-based strategies that are useful for determining educational priorities and teaching specific skills to individuals with developmental delays. Stop by our online store and pick up the resources that will make a positive difference in both your life and your students’ lives today!

Detailed info for Clinicians:

With ongoing research in behavior analysis and autism treatment, it can be quite difficult and time-consuming to keep up with the latest developments. Further, an effective clinician will possess a vast set of skills that will allow for him or her to help a wider range of individuals on the autism spectrum. Some of these skills might include the knowledge of how to efficiently conduct skills assessments, use any data obtained to identify developmentally appropriate educational priorities, how to teach specific skills, working collaboratively with parents and teachers, and more!

Here at BAI, our products are geared to help both new and well-seasoned clinicians alike. Whether you are seeking to learn to identify and use the most effective treatment strategies, how to efficiently assess a student and use the data obtained to determine developmentally educational priorities, to access evidence-based criterion referenced assessments or supplemental material to facilitate the teaching process, or accessing powerful teaching materials that will leave your staff and the parents you work with well-prepared and motivated to teach skills to individuals with autism, BAI can help! Our online store is a treasure chest for clinicians who want to hone their existing skills, add new skills, and want to make a bigger difference in the lives of the clients they serve!
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