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Early Intervention

There is no known cure for autism, and thus no “treatment” in the traditional medical sense, but intervention can and does elicit substantial improvement.
A child with a diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is delayed in their development of language and social interaction skills. Research indicates the need for, and the effectiveness of,early intensive behavioral intervention for children diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder.

Many times parents hope that trying some biomedical interventions along with a few hours of speech and language services will help their child overcome his or her developmental delays. This non-intensive approach has been proven to be an ineffective strategy for many children. It is very important to have both educational and and medical programs working simultaneously. We recommend starting immediately on learning how to teach your child.

Parents may assess their children through the ABLLS-R  or WebABLLS tools to develop goals and objectives that will be specific to your child.
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