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What shipping method does BAI use?

BAI uses UPS ground for domestic orders. BAI uses UPS Standard Canada for Canadian shipments, & United States Postal Services (USPS) for International orders.

What are BAI’s shipping rates?

We ship using UPS ground and the online shipping costs is determined by weight of shipment and the destination of the shipping address. 

How long does it take to process purchase orders?

Purchase orders are processed within approximately 3 business days of receipt. Once processed, the shipping time depends on the customer's shipping location. 

What state does BAI ship from?

BAI ships from our shipping company, Karol Media Fulfillment in Wilkes-Barre, PA. Please note that if a purchase is made after 12pm EST, the package will be shipped the following business day. 

Does BAI ship to Internationally or to Canada?

Yes, BAI can ship online orders to Canada, and internationally. BAI also does have some international vendors that can be recommended in Canada, Ireland, & UK.

How long does it take to receive my order?

BAI does ship UPS ground from PA, so most of the east coast orders can be delivered within approximately 1-3 business days from the ship date. While central US can take approximately 3-5 business days from the ship date, and the west coast, Hawaii, and Alaska can take approximately 4-6 business days from the ship date. International and Canadian orders are shipped with the United States Postal Service (USPS) and can take approximately 6-10 business days from the ship date. Please note that if a purchase is made after 12pm EST, the package will be shipped the following business day. 

Can BAI provide expedited shipping?

Yes, our online shopping cart provide various shipping options for UPS ground, UPS 3-day, UPS 2-day or UPS next-day. 



How can I order WebABLLS?

Visit www.webablls.net to register online or follow the directions on how to pay with purchase order if you would like to use a PO.

What is the cost of WebABLLS?

WebABLLS fees are based on a per-seat cost versus a per-user cost. However, there are no restrictions on how many users can be associated with a student profile and the associated data. The cost for one seat subscription is $100 for the first year with a renewal fee of $60 per year thereafter. All orders must be in US Dollars (USD).

WebABLLS is a subscription-based service with an annual expiration date. Additional seats may be purchased during a subscription term and will be prorated for the portion of the subscription term remaining at $5 per month plus the $40 activation fee and will terminate on the same date as the underlying subscription. The fees are based on the seats purchased and not on the actual usage.

Orders placed through WebABLLS.net are activated upon confirmation of payment.

  • Credit card purchased are activated immediately once payment is processed.
  • This new customer order registration portal accepts only credit card payments. Please contact the WebABLLS Support Team directly for instructions and assistance with a NEW customer order using another payment method such as a purchase order or check.

WebABLLS Return Policy- Behavior Analysts, Inc., offers a 30-day return policy for WebABLLS subscriptions. To process a return, please contact the WebABLLS Support Team via the contact page within 30 days of account/subscription activation. You will be charged a $50 processing fee and the remaining balance will be refunded consistent with the original method of payment.

WebABLLS is a web-based technology. No actual product will be mailed or shipped. Order confirmation and notification regarding user account activation (instructions and password) will be sent to the email address entered with the order. Quantity discounts are available.

Is WebABLLS available in Spanish?

Yes, WebABLLS is available in English, Spanish, or as a multi-language with both English and Spanish.

What information is required to register for WebABLLS?

A self-registration order form is available from the Purchase link at www.webablls.net. The form is only for customers new to WebABLLS and includes general registration information such as organization name, billing address, phone, first and last name for administrator user and email address.

WebABLLS customers already registerd in WebABLLS can add users and place orders via the organization's administrator user panel within the system.

How long does it take for my account/order to be activated?

Orders are activated immediately upon confirmation of payment when using a credit card for purchase. 

Is there a trial subscription?

We do not offer a self-registration trial option.

Can additional user accounts be activated within my organization and/or within the WebABLLS database?

Additional user accounts can be added at any time by any user designated with an administrator user role within the organization. For user accounts to be activated outside an organization (for the purpose of linking share permissions), an administrator user can submit a request directly to the WebABLLS Support Team. There is no additional fee for user accounts.

Do I have to purchase the print version of the ABLLS-R?

While many of our users indicate they prefer to use the print ABLLS-R in conjunction with WebABLLS, it is not a requirement. WebABLLS allows users to print to PDF a WebABLLS Version of the ABLLS-R Protocol for student profiles created in the system.  Also, an electronic version of The ABLLS-R Scoring Instructions and IEP Development Guide is available within WebABLLS.

Do you offer customer support?

Yes, the WebABLLS Support Team is committed to providing the highest level of customer support for all subscribers and potential subscribers.

IMPORTANT! Note regarding support: The WebABLLS Support Team is available to assist our customers with any WebABLLS customer-related need that may arise. However, in accordance with our security requirements and privacy policy, actual system user support is provided only to registered users of WebABLLS. All users should have separate user accounts registered to a unique email address.

Is WebABLLS an actual product?

WebABLLS is a web-based platform; there is not an actual physical product.

What are the computer requirements?

WebABLLS is compatible with both Mac and PC platforms in addition to tablets and smartphones. Please check our system requirements page for complete details.


How can I order AFLS?

Visit www.functionallivingskills.com to order online.

Is the AFLS available on-line, electronic or as an app purchase?

The AFLS is currently available in book format only; however, the authors plan to develop an on-line platform soon.

Is the AFLS translated into other languages?

The AFLS is currently available only in English.

Can I buy just AFLS Protocols?

Yes, the AFLS Protocols are sold individually; however, the AFLS Guide is a necessary companion tool with regard to how to use the AFLS efficiently and effectively. The Guide and Protocols can be purchased in cost-saving custom sets for specific areas of need.

Is the AFLS copyrighted?

Yes, the AFLS is copyrighted. No parts of The AFLS can be reproduced in any language without the expressed, written consent from both authors.

How do I know which Protocols I need?

There are a total of six (6) AFLS Protocols that cover various skill sets. Customers can mix and match Protocols to create a set of Protocols that are specific to a learner's needs.

What areas does the AFLS cover?

The AFLS includes protocols for Basic Living Skills, Home Skills, Community Participation Skills, School Skills, Vocational Skills and Independent Living Skills.

Can a parent score the AFLS?

Yes, the AFLS Guide provides parents with instructions for how to administer and score the assessment; in addition to how to interpret scores with regard to selecting tasks and teaching skills. It is our belief that parents are their child's best teachers.

What age range does the AFLS cover?

The AFLS is a criterion-referenced assessment that is designed to be used from early elementary through adulthood.

Who can conduct/administer the AFLS?

Anyone who is actively working with the individual can conduct/administer and score the AFLS. Special credentials are not necessary. It is designed to be used collaboratively across all stakeholders involved in a learner's program. The AFLS Guide provides information on how to administer and score the assessment along with selecting tasks, teaching and task analysis examples.

Can the AFLS be used as a curriculum guide?

Yes, the AFLS is meant to be a curriculum guide. Following the administration of the assessment program objectives (IEP, IPP, etc.) can be created directly from the AFLS.



What ages are the ABLLS-R recommended for?

The ABLLS-R is for assessing Basic Language and Learning Skills and is recommended for children of all ages, but mainly focuses on language skills developed by typical developing children ages 2-6, when children learn to speak their first language.

What is the ABLLS-R Set and what comes in it?

The ABLLS-R assessment is sold as a set (includes: 1 ABLLS-R Guide & 1 ABLLS-R Protocol) for $64.95 or separately for $39.95 each. BAI also offers the ABLLS-R Data and Task Organizer kit for $495. The kit does not come with the ABLLS-R assessment but does come with 2 boxes of picture cards and directions. The picture-stimuli correlate with the ABLLS-R assessment and can be helpful but is not required for administering the ABLLS-R assessment.

Who can administer the ABLLS-R assessment? Do you have to be licensed to administer the ABLLS-R assessment?

No license is required to administer the ABLLS-R assessment, and anyone can administer this assessment by following directions in the ABLLS-R Guide. There are other supportive products that can help with the administration of the assessment including the ABLLS-R DVD and other books written by Dr. Partington.

Is the ABLLS-R copyrighted?

Yes, The ABLLS-R (Assessment of Basic Language and Learning Skills) is copyrighted. No parts of The ABLLS-R can be reproduced in any language without the expressed written consent from Behavior Analysts, Inc.

Can I buy just the ABLLS-R Protocol?

You can buy the ABLLS-R Protocol after you have purchased the ABLLS-R set. The set includes both the Protocol and the Guide. The Guide provides information about the features of ABLLS-R, how to correctly score items, and how to develop IEP goals and objectives that clearly define and target the learning needs of the student.

Can the ABLLS-R be used as a curriculum guide?

Yes, the ABLLS-R is meant to be a curriculum guide. IEP (Individualized Education Program) goals can come directly from the ABLLS-R. 

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