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Understanding the Benefits of AFLS® and ABLLS-R®

Partington Behavior Analysts is well-known for providing efficient developmental tools, assessments, and programs to instruct basic and functional living skills to infants and adults with various disabilities like autism spectrum disorder. 

Our AFLS® and ABLLS-R® are inclusive AFLS assessments that help with the identification of skill sets that are complex as well as those that could use improvement.

What Does the AFLS® Assessment Offer?

The Assessment of Functional Living Skills (AFLS) is a criterion-referenced skills assessment tool, tracking network, and curriculum mentor. AFLS is used for teaching infants, adolescents, and adults with developmental disabilities the crucial skills they require to get the most independent results. 

AFLS assessment is the most versatile assessment system accessible and serves learners a route to independence.

Each module at Partington Behavior Analysts is comprehensive and connected by unifying themes and overarching aims for maximizing a learner’s freedom, opportunity, and independence. The AFLS is one of the most versatile assessment systems available at Partington Behavior Analysts. 

What Does the ABLLS-R® Assessment Offer? 

The ABLLS-R assessment is the Basic Language and Learning Skills at the Partington Behavior Analysts, where various skills are preferred for children of all age groups, but typically focuses on language skills established by mainly developing children ages 2-6.

No authorization is required to administer the ABLLS-R assessment, and everyone can administer this assessment by following directions in the ABLLS-R Guide. Other encouraging products that can assist with the administration comprise the ABLLS-R DVD and other books written by Dr. Partington.

The ABLLS-R Protocol has the ABLLS-R set. The set comprises both the Protocol and the Guide. The Guide gives information about the features of ABLLS-R. The ABLLS-R is mainly offered through an easy-to-use web format that can be utilized to boost teaching strategies, generate custom reports for learners, as well as manage and share information with IEP team members and other program establishment teams.

Conclusion Paragraph

We at Partington Behavior Analysts offer effective and high-quality interventions for children with disabilities or autism. We do this by providing efficient resources to parents and teachers that will help in the training of such individuals. 

Both the assessment modules work efficiently as training modules for individuals with disabilities. Contact us today to get more details!

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