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Critical Elements of Effective Programs

Critical Elements Of Effective Language-Based Educational Interventions For Children With Autism

This workshop is designed for parents and professionals who wish to learn the major components necessary for the development and implementation of effective intensive, language-based behavioral treatment interventions for children with autism. 

Children who have been diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder have been shown to benefit from intensive early intervention services to help them develop language, social interaction, and other basic learner skills

Attendees will receive an overview of the "verbal behavior" analysis of language and specific teaching methods for motivating the child to participate in learning activities that help develop the specific expressive language skills that a student must acquire to be able to successfully interact with others and to learn from their everyday interactions. The seminar provides a review of the behaviorally-based interventions, methods for assessing a child's specific language (verbal behavior) and social deficits, the process of determining priorities to develop effective intervention plans, and videotape demonstrations of the implementation of treatment for several children at a variety of developmental levels

Information regarding the analysis of skill acquisition problems, evaluation of educational priorities, and educational placement considerations will be provided.

At the conclusion of this workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Identify research that is often cited to substantiate the need for intensive behavioral intervention for young children with autism
  • Describe the critical components of discrete trial instructional methodology
  • Describe the different types of expressive language skills that a student must acquire in order to successfully interact with others
  • Describe how curricular variables affect the motivation of young children with autism
  • Identify how motivational issues are related to the acquisition of language skills 
  • Identify at least two common problems that are related to the failure of students to make adequate progress in the development of critical learner skills
  • Describe how social reinforcement variables are related to the development of spontaneous language
  • Describe how to directly shape critical social interaction skills
  • Identify critical skills that are required by educators to be able to effectively teach new skills to their child during daily activities
  • Describe critical factors in the determination of an effective educational environment for young children with an autism spectrum disorder
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