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Language-Based ABA/VB Classrooms

Developing Language-Based ABA/VB Classrooms.

This workshop will review critical components for establishing and providing effective language-based behavioral interventions within classrooms.

Research has clearly established the effectiveness of intensive behavioral intervention with children with autism. A great proportion of these services have been provided to children in 1 to 1 training sessions outside of a public school classroom. However, it is possible and desirable to incorporate these effective educational services within public school classroom environments.

A review of issues related to, and specific recommendations for staff training, classroom structure and schedule, curriculum development, small group (1 to 2+) instructional strategies, skill acquisition tracking, and behavioral consultation will be provided. This workshop is highly recommended for educators, parents and consultants who wish to help public schools develop effective, data-based classroom services.

Participants will be able to:

  • Identify critical teaching skills that must be demonstrated by teachers and instructional assistants in a language-based, ABA classroom.
  • Specify components of a classroom schedule that will allow for high frequency of learner responding to high-priority learning tasks.
  • Identify how to assess learner skills and construct an IEP to ensure the development of language and other important learner skills.
  • Identify methods for implementing behavioral language training strategies in a small group format.
  • Specify critical components of a classroom-wide, data collection system and a system for monitoring student progress.
  • Identify how the critical elements of discrete trial instruction can be implemented within the child’s typical daily events.
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